Why Using Venus to Demonstrate the Runaway GHG Effect is All Wrong!

I recently came across this article from 2010 by Harry Dale Huffman that I found to be very insightful.

I have often heard this ridiculous argument made by many in support of the man made global warming theory, that if we don’t get control of all this CO2 we’re emitting into the atmosphere by driving our cars and running power generation stations, Earth will fall victim to the “runaway greenhouse gas effect”, just like on Venus…. oh my, scary stuff indeed!

But there’s a big problem with the idea that this could actually happen here on Earth, and it’s quite simple… we don’t live on Venus!

Mr. Huffman’s article goes deep into very specific details including the physics of why this is impossible and why the comparison of Venus to Earth in sighting a runaway greenhouse gas effect is wrong on all levels.

The article is very technical, I had to go over it a few times, but well worth the time to get your facts straight on the subject.

Knowledge is power, enjoy the read:

Venus – No Greenhouse Effect

More Articles by Harry Dale Huffman:

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More Articles on the Greenhouse Gas Effect:

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An example of how this Earth vs Venus comparison is mis-used to distort the truth:

What Is the Greenhouse Effect? – livescience.com

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