Luvvies Fly To St Tropez To Save Planet


By Paul Homewood


Breitbart reports on the Luvvies’ Love In at St Tropez:

Leonardo DiCaprio sounded a dire warning at his charity foundation’s annual climate change gala in St. Tropez Wednesday night, telling the dozens of celebrities and dignitaries in attendance that they represent the “last generation” that has a chance to halt the deleterious effects of global warming.

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The Suspension of Skepticism

Required reading for all critics and skeptics of man made climate change.


How many opinions make up a fact?

The entire body of human knowledge has its foundation in logic, reason, and empiricism. We observe. We question. We attempt to explain. We want to know. As we’ve fine tuned the processes logic, reason, and empiricism depend on… math, philosophy, scientific method, etc… the growth of our body of knowledge has greatly accelerated. This has led to rapid improvements in every measure of human well being. We are healthier, wealthier, and live longer. We have managed to largely insulate ourselves against many of the forces of nature that formerly humbled and destroyed us. Disease, predators, and climactic conditions are more and more held at bay. War and other forms of violence are in decline. We’ve made great strides in much of the world in pollution control and protection of biodiversity and environment. These improvements are measurable. Statistics attest, and can be investigated at…

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The sun is setting on solar power, the money’s gone and nobody’s asking any questions.


If you keep an eye on the financial world, which I do, and especially the green sectors, which I also do, it’s been an interesting time of late. Within the last few weeks, Solar Trust of America (STA), owner of the world’s largest solar plant, filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11, and nobody expects much of it, if anything, to emerge from it. STA joins a long list of companies in the solar energy sector, who’ve gone bankrupt, ducked into protection from their creditors, suspended production indefinitely or are simply circling the plughole.

Across the world, a few of the more prominent and expensive casualties are Solyndra, Solar Millennium AG, Energy Conversion Devices Inc, Q-Cells, Solon, Solar Millenium, Solarhybrid, Ener1, Range Fuels, Beacon Power Corp and there’s a whole lot of others. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s probably not a good idea to invest your hard-earned pennies in any company with “solar” in its…

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Wynne’s wind 88% waste

Colder Air

Today column is on the Premier of Ontario’s negligence.

I’m on CPP disability as I’m in remission from cancer. In the winter we use our wood burning stove because we shut our breakers off as we have baseboard heaters. Next week we’ll pay our bill and buy maybe $50 worth of food to hopefully survive. – Andre Richards, Sutton

Three of my previous four posts at my Cold Air blog dealt with difficult topics that included capacity factor and capacity value/credit.  The fourth post discussed statistics for the first half of the year. This post uses a small set of IESO statistics and first half-year generation with industrial wind turbines to display the economic damage of a collapse in value of incremental wind turbines.

Most data for this post is directly from Ontario’s system operator (IESO) 1. The one small change to the data is I’ve omitted records for facilities prior…

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James Hansen


James Hansen
• “NASA scientist who is one of the world’s leading promoters of the theory that human industrial activity causes global warming
• States that “if we do not rapidly slow fossil-fuel emissions over the next few decades … one ecological collapse will lead to another”
• Calls for taxes to be placed on carbon emissions
• Characterizes coal-fired power plants as “factories of death”

“In a June 23, 1988 speech that was a seminal event in the movement to focus public attention on global warming, Dr. James Hansen of NASA addressed the U.S. Congress and warned that unless the burning of fossil fuels were to be curtailed quickly and dramatically, the natural world suffer irreparable harm.””

“In 2001 he received the Seventh Annual Heinz Award in the Environment for his research on global warming.”

“Soon after receiving a $250,000 award from Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Heinz Family Foundation (a…

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Co2 Drives Climate Change Pinocchio !


After I was forced to give up HGV driving I religiously watched BBC Open University programmes on BBC2 after midnight, in particular Earth Science presented from the Climategate fame University of East Anglia up until Tony Blair cut the funding in 2006.

Earth Science examined all aspects of climate change theory yet concluded that all they could find was ” Man’s Fingerprint ” which is obviously the Heat Island effect of urban areas due to domestic heating and that stored in the buildings themselves, waste heat from burning fuel. I once read somewhere that a guy from mainland Europe back in the 17th Century ( before the invention of accurate thermometers ) noticed that it was warmer at night in towns and wrote down and recorded for posterity yet the Climate Science establishment deny the simple truth that Heat islands are man’s only contribution to Global Warming.

US Climate Scientist…

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The Tangled Web of Global Warming Activism

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) wrote,

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

There were several actions required to create the tangled web of deception relating to the claim that human-produced CO2 caused global warming. It involved creating smaller deceptions to control the narrative that instead of creating well-woven cloth became the tangled web. The weavers needed control of the political, scientific, economic inputs, as well as the final message to the politicians to turn total attention on CO2.

Their problem was the overarching need for scientific justification, because science, if practiced properly, inherently precludes control. Properly, you go where the science takes you, by disproving the hypothesis. However, before the planners could get to the science, they had to establish the political framework.

The framework was built around the need to prove the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis (AGW), which…

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Climate scientist Peter Stott is still trying to connect extreme weather to climate

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF EXETER and the “weather is not climate” department comes this press release that comes with a blindingly obvious title. So far, the efforts trying to link “climate change” to extreme weather events usually come up short. Often they come amplified in social media by activists like Bill McKibben who sees climate change occurring behind almost every weather event and uses that as a tool to keep his followers excited and active. But the reality is that extreme weather just hasn’t been on the increase. Hurricane frequency is flat and accumulated cyclone energy has been down, and hasn’t reached levels seen in the 1990’s, US landfalling hurricanes of Category 3 or greater continue in an unprecedented 10 year drought,  tornadoes aren’t increasing, in the U.S. at least, heat waves aren’t getting worse, even though activists like to falsely claim so, much of…

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Climate and Human Civilization for the Past 4,000 Years

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Andy May

The Holocene Thermal Optimum ended at different times in different parts of the world, but it had ended everywhere by 4,000 BP (BP here means the number of years before 2000) and the world began to cool. The timeline shown in Figure 1 shows the GISP2 Central Greenland ice core temperature proxies in blue and the HadCRUT 4.4 surface temperature estimates for the same area in red.


Figure 1 (click on the figure to download in full resolution)

Major events in human civilization are noted on the graph. If you download the pdf it prints well on 8.5×11 inch paper. This timeline provides more detail for the last 4,000 years than I could fit on my previous timeline to 18,000 years. The principle reference for the ice core study can be seen here. At the top of the graph the Blytt and Sernander

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Greenpeace co-founder pens treatise on the positive effects of CO2 – says there is no crisis

Watts Up With That?

Dr. Patrick Moore sent me this last week, and after reading it, I agree with him in his initial note to me that

This is probably the most important paper I will ever write.

Moore looks at the historical record of CO2 in our atmosphere and concludes that we came dangerously close to losing plant life on Earth about 18,000 years ago, when CO2 levels approached 150 ppm, below which plant life can’t sustain photosynthesis. He notes:

A 140 million year decline in CO2 to levels that came close to threatening the survival of life on Earth can hardly be described as “the balance of nature”.

Now, with 400ppm in the atmosphere, the biosphere is once again booming (see figure 8 below). He also points out how environmental groups and politicians are using the “crisis” of CO2 increase to feather their own nests:

A powerful convergence of interests among key…

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