Canadian Climate Guy is a personal Blog related to climate science, climate news as well as related subjects and viewpoints.

My name is Frank Pizzacalla, and I am the author of this Blog. I am a private citizen of Canada living in the Provance of Ontario in the Greater Niagara Area. I  DO NOT receive any funding, either directly or indirectly, from any energy companies to produce this blog or for any of the opinions or information found in this blog. This includes any oil, gas, hydroelectric or nuclear energy producers, or any special interest groups. I do this of my own free will, on my own time and only as a personal Blog.

The science on catastrophic man-made climate change is anything but settled, even though the proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) assert otherwise, and the Main Stream Media are reporting dooms day scenarios if we don’t “fight climate change!”.

After years of personal research and exploration into the subject of Man-made Global Warming, or what is now referred to as “Climate Change”, it became glaringly obvious to me that the science of climate change was very unsettled and that our understanding of such a complex and chaotic system as the planet’s climate is still very much in its infancy.

So that you better understand the Author of this Blog.


I did, at one time, believe the theory that we were adversely affecting our planet’s atmosphere. I kept hearing the phrase “carbon pollution” and that “runaway greenhouse gasses” would warm our world beyond a livable condition for humans. These were extraordinary claims that raised serious concerns with me… they caught my attention. In the back of my mind, however, I kept recalling the warnings we heard from scientists in the mid to late 70s of the coming ice age as temperatures plummeted and winters became harsher.

Side note: I have vivid memories of being sent home early from classes because the Blizzard of 1977/78 was closing in on Niagara. Snow piled so high, you couldn’t see the street sign just across the road from our house. Snow drifts right up to the rooftops of most homes!

In any case, it was at this point that I turned my focus to the subject of Climate Change, or as it was referred to at the time, Global Warming. This quickly led to the study of Atmospheric Science, Paleoclimate, Solar Science, oceanic cycles, Earth’s carbon cycle and a host of other scientific fields related to climate. I began to learn a great deal of information, and the more I learned the more skeptical I became of the claims being made. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was slowly and steadily moving towards becoming a “climate denier”, long before I’d even heard the term. Before the slur was even coined. I hadn’t yet entered the arena of war that we all recognize as the “climate debate” of today, (a whole culture unto itself), of which I was blissfully unaware of at the time. This was even before the first Al Gore sci-fi thriller! I was just a guy learning a whole lot of new and interesting stuff about our planet, really digging it, and having a good laugh at the scientists who were now saying we are all going to burn up because the Earth is heating up fast and we’re all to blame because we like living longer and having nice things. It all smacked of absurdity.

Now, if I had to pinpoint the moment that I could call my “turning point”, it would be when I came to the stunning realization that the “carbon pollution” they were referring to was, in fact, CO2 and not particulate air pollutants. CO2! A harmless, odorless, trace gas that is sopped up by all plant life, soil, and the oceans. A gas that is absolutely vital to all life on this planet. This was the carbon pollution they were talking about and vilifying!

That was it for me, I had arrived at a point where I could no longer keep quiet about what I was learning. I understood that these extraordinary claims that were being made by these climate scientists (and politicians), appeared to be nothing more than just that, extraordinary claims without any clear science to base the claims on. In other words, they were making alarmist statements to the Media and the public without any clear data to substantiate the theory of Man-made Global Warming. A much different picture of the subject began to emerge, a much clearer picture, and I ultimately arrived at what I understand to be the truth. That the Climate Change issue is being used to manipulate world economies, control energy and make some very underhanded folks a whole lot of money with Carbon Trading and Cap and Trade schemes. It was nothing at all to do with the climate of our planet or saving it for future generation.

At first, I felt foolish. I had been baffled by bullshit, hoodwinked! I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for the propaganda, the soundbites, the headlines. Honestly, I felt like an idiot. But then, well, I got really pissed off. My eyes were opened, every soundbite, every alarmist headline, every climate scientist making ridiculous claims, every politician pushing a globalist agenda, every Eco-group promoting “sustainable development”, I could see it all now, clear as day… and it made my blood boil! Politicians with their political agendas and an endless flow of research funding had completely polluted science, distorted it, beyond anything recognizable as the scientific method. Much like there are envirnmental disasters caused by mismanagement or human error, this, similarly, was a scientific disaster, the difference being, this was intentional, deliberate, lies… dare I say, fraud.

And Now…

Today I flat out reject the theory of Man-made Global Warming, or that humans can affect the climate of the planet via our emission of CO2 in any significant or even measurable way. I do support the practice of energy conservation (within reason), of better management of the environment, of pollution reduction and mitigation, protecting water supplies and wildlife, setting aside and the protection of national parks and wildlife habitat, sustainable practices in agriculture and industry as well as the pursuit and development of clean energy solutions through better technology and practices. This includes a future that is primarily powered by nuclear energy for the production of cheap, reliable electricity generation and supply.

I support these initiatives because they move us in the right direction to achieve a better and more prosperous future for humanity as a whole, where access to affordable energy, food, housing, medicine, and education are made possible through better technology and better management of the planet’s resources.

I may have more to say in future. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

One thought on “About

  1. It is great to see alternate opinion and questioning the ideas which are widespread. This prevents superstitions.
    Theory of Man made climate change is set of ideas, where some are tested and some are not. It is easy to mislead either way!


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