The Arctic Isn’t Melting Away Anytime Soon.

Predictions of climate doom about Arctic sea ice and Greenland melting away are “a dime a dozen”, and not only recently. These predictions of the Arctic sea ice melting away have also been going on for a few decades now… yes, decades!

That’s right, Greenland should be green by now, shorelines around the globe obliterated, millions of people displaced by climate chaos, and the doom goes on and on ad nauseam.

In fact, with little effort, you can find more Arctic Doom than you can shake a popsicle stick at, I shit you not! If you believe the climate fear mongers then the Arctic is already gone and we’re all swimming under water at this very moment… no, really!

If you want to prove it to yourself, it’s easy, just have a read of this post I made previously. It should help clear things up once you have a little historical perspective to help you assess the situation going on today.

I see this kind of mindless, baseless predictions on Twitter a lot. They make me laugh!

Stay cool, folks, global warming isn’t going to get you in your sleep anytime soon, I promise.

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