Does the Climate Boogyman live in your head?

No worries, I have the cure! It’s called a good dose of common sense, and it’s free!

There are a number of places we can check on Mother Earth’s temperature to make sure that (high living, jet-setting, carbon gobbling) Al Gore’s global warming doesn’t sneak up on us and kill us all in our sleep. Good thing too, we don’t want that happening any time soon!

One such place I visit to check in on Earth temps is the Earth System Science Center located at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Here are the two main graphs published recently. Get the full report in PDF format here.

MAY 2018


Now some people will look at the two graphs and think, “This is bad, really bad! Look at all the red!”. Those people are called climate alarmists. I like to have fun with those folks, it’s really easy to get them going, too easy! Most of these people have forgotten that we’re still in an ice age or what the meaning of interglacial is… stunning really! The climate boogyman lives under the climate alarmists bed, this is why climate alarmists are often referred to as climate bedwetters.

On the other hand, some people will look at these two graphs and think, “What am I supposed to be worried about? These graphs are showing values for temperature anomalies (not actual temperatures) for a timescale of less than half a century (making them mostly meaningless) and the Y-Axis on the second graph is only +plus / -minus one degree C!”. Those people are called climate deniers, and I proudly count myself among them, because those people have not switched off their brain, and can question the junk science being heaped upon the public in ever increasing amounts.

If people would just take a small amount of time away from the bullshit mainstream media to gain even just a basic understanding of this garbage being fed to them, we’d truly have a different world.

And there, folks is your dose of good-old, healthy, common sense to help keep that climate boogyman away. Common sense, it’s not so common anymore!

Just breathe, you’ll be ok…

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