Scientists Say Earth Faces a 114,000 Year Deep Freeze.

While fake climate experts like Al Gore preach on high about the (imaginary) disastrous global warming that’s coming to kill us all via floods, famine, and fire, oh my! All the while moaning and groaning about the evils of fossil fuels, human CO2 emissions and that dreaded of all dreaded evils, carbon pollution, (just another alarmist term for CO2 emissions, you know, that colourless, odorless, essential trace gas responsible for all life on Earth), the rest of the real world, with the rest of us in it, is firmly planted in reality. And reality says we’re headed back into glaciation and it’s not going to be any fun for the poor bastards that have to deal with that unfortunate truth.

Scientists have known for many years that Earths climate changes, and changes continually, in never-ending, overlapping cycles, driven by several factors, factors that are both known and understood, and factors that are unknown and that we have very little understanding of. In other words, the science is never settled.

Here is just one example of this understanding of climate change from this archived article I found.  Below is an excerpt from the original article and I’ve provided a link to the full article for you to read.

Daytona Beach Morning Journal, March 30th-1981.

NEW YORK (AP) – Earth’s current warm period is ending and a new ice age that could last 114,000 years is coming, say scientists who have developed a new model of the planet’s climate based on astronomy.

But there is no cause for alarm since the next cold peak is not expected for several thousand years, the scientists said.

The new model reinforces the idea – now growing among scientists – that changes in the Earth’s orbit cause the advance and retreat of glaciers.

It also offers an astronomical explanation for the brief but crucial warm spells that have punctuated the great ice ages of the last million years of Earth history.

You can read the full article here: Scientists Say Earth Faces a 114,000 Year Deep Freeze.

Scientists Say Earth Faces a 114,000 Year Deep Freeze.

As you can clearly see from articles such as this one that scientists have known for a long time that Earth is currently in an interglacial period and that the climate will change, as it always has, and that we can most certainly expect the climate to continue to cool, as it has been for several million years now.

One thing is certain, Earths climate will continue to change, it will continue to change with or without human activity. Anyone, scientists or otherwise, that’s running around claiming we’re changing the Earths climate (for the worse) because of a trace essential gas, CO2, carbon dioxide, a life-giving trace element, is either woefully uninformed, suffering from severe confirmation bias or simply lying to sound the alarm and keep their funding coming in.

It’s easy to forget or be completely oblivious to the fact that Earth is a planet that has been, at times, for many millions of years, completely ice-free. Or that the oceans have been much deeper as well as much lower at times in the distant past. Or that the continents were in different places and that what we see today is just temporary. Change over geological timescales that we can’t really come to grasp or truly appreciate in our short lives. Change, over many millions of years. Change, the only constant.

Think, don’t be a sheep.

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