How to Keep Your Cool in The Face of Global Warming? Data!

You see it and hear it all the time. All the fake news outlets and climate alarmist blogs, and of course the government funded scientist screeching it from every rooftop: The Poles are melting and it’s all your fault, you horrible, filthy, disgusting humans with your SUVs and heated homes! Damn you all to hell!!…. or something like that.

Well, there’s no better solution to help keep you calm, cool and centred on the subject of climate change than cold, hard, data. My favourite!

Lets have a look at the melting North Pole for example. Here’s a link to the Government of Canada’s Ice Service website –

Here are a couple of bar graphs I generated from the data for Northern Canadian Waters as an example. I started the graphs as far back as they had data for (1971) right up to current conditions.


Here are a couple of graphs I generated for the Great Lakes Region from 2000 to present.


As you can see, things aren’t as dire as the climate zombies want you to believe. Yes, there are years when ice cover for the Great Lakes and the North are down. And there are years when the ice cover is up. Some years way up, some years way down. Natural variability. Get used to it!

I encourage everyone to dive into the data. Track it down and dig in, if you do your homework and keep an open mind you’ll discover the same thing I did. That there is no real evidence of human-caused climate change to be found. There is nothing happening with Earths climate right now that isn’t well within the natural, observed, variability of the climate system. To claim anything more than that is simply playing the role of the alarmist…don’t be that guy!

Remember, when it comes to global warming, it’s far better to keep your cool and check the real data.

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