How Climate Alarmists Deal With Climate Change Critics (Like Me).

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m not one to get pulled into a huge, time wasting Twitter battle over climate change science or the data, and especially not CO2 alarmism.

No, not this guy. Instead, I prefer to berate the empty headed eco-warriors, the drooling climate zombie mobs and the forecasters of doom and gloom. Calling out their absurd claims and generally mocking them openly in the public forum that Social Media so lovingly provides us with, even though it’s becoming increasingly more sanitized and PC by the day it seems.

Now, I realize that my approach is anything but graceful, tactful, or even polite for that matter. I’m well aware that I’m the “bull in a china shop” when it comes to my delivery of contrary climate data or information, that being said, I’m still surprised to see just how weak-kneed and thin skinned these staunch advocates of the coming climate catastrophe are. I mean we’re talking a special kind of snowflake here, folks!

So How Do They Deal With Critics Like Me? It’s As Easy As 1 2 3…

The disdain for anyone who dares to question the climate dogma (or disaster of the month) by the climate elite is truly palpable. I’ve noticed that this disdain is 1) almost always carefully concealed under the guise of intellectual superiority, 2) always accompanied by an unquestioning appeal to authority and finally 3) include claims of occupying the moral high ground under the banner of saving Mother Earth for future generations (our kids).

I like to call this cheap, low-grade alarmist tact the “trifecta of bullshit“.

Let me know if you notice one or all three of the same tactics in your interactions with the ever fervent climate crazies of Social Media. I’d be interested to know.

Three More To Look For.

In any case, when 1) empirical data, not modeled data, fails to support their often exaggerated claims and forecasts of climate doom, and 2) they’re caught unable to wordsmith a quick response in either support or defense of their ridiculous claims of climate catastrophe, they’ll simply Block you and 3) claim the moral high ground. After all,  the science is settled, really settled. Well, in their heads anyway.

I present to you (in no specific order) the humble beginnings of the ever expanding Wall of Climate Crazies. You know there are countless more to come, stay tuned!

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