Freedom of the Press & Yi Luv Bung !


Before he started exhibiting early signs of dementia by promoting CND, 1980s Labour Party leader Micheal Foot was most famous for his wartime speech defending Freedom of the Press against National government censorship.

These days mainstream Investitigive Journalism would appear to have been taken Private Political Prisoner via the need to attract Corporate advertising revenue, plus fear of an attack on their respective media group share price. Whilst this has probably always been the case to some extent, it got far worse after George Osborne became Chancellor, and attempting to attract Chinese investment has probably imported a ” Yi Luv Bung ” culture into our Civil Service alongside it.

Although corruption in the UK Civil Service has probably always been the case the serious rot set in during the 1980s with the privatisation of our former nationalised industries, for example the buses. I can recall being told how small independent…

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