James Hansen


James Hansen
• “NASA scientist who is one of the world’s leading promoters of the theory that human industrial activity causes global warming
• States that “if we do not rapidly slow fossil-fuel emissions over the next few decades … one ecological collapse will lead to another”
• Calls for taxes to be placed on carbon emissions
• Characterizes coal-fired power plants as “factories of death”

“In a June 23, 1988 speech that was a seminal event in the movement to focus public attention on global warming, Dr. James Hansen of NASA addressed the U.S. Congress and warned that unless the burning of fossil fuels were to be curtailed quickly and dramatically, the natural world suffer irreparable harm.””

“In 2001 he received the Seventh Annual Heinz Award in the Environment for his research on global warming.”

“Soon after receiving a $250,000 award from Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Heinz Family Foundation (a…

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