Climate scientist Peter Stott is still trying to connect extreme weather to climate

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF EXETER and the “weather is not climate” department comes this press release that comes with a blindingly obvious title. So far, the efforts trying to link “climate change” to extreme weather events usually come up short. Often they come amplified in social media by activists like Bill McKibben who sees climate change occurring behind almost every weather event and uses that as a tool to keep his followers excited and active. But the reality is that extreme weather just hasn’t been on the increase. Hurricane frequency is flat and accumulated cyclone energy has been down, and hasn’t reached levels seen in the 1990’s, US landfalling hurricanes of Category 3 or greater continue in an unprecedented 10 year drought,  tornadoes aren’t increasing, in the U.S. at least, heat waves aren’t getting worse, even though activists like to falsely claim so, much of…

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Author: Canadian Climate Guy

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1 thought on “Climate scientist Peter Stott is still trying to connect extreme weather to climate”

  1. WEATHER IS CLIMATE -/- CLIMATE IS WEATHER, good and bead weather. ”Global warming” is the biggest con, CRAP. Confusing climate with the non-existent global warming was the cleverest trick the Warmist pulled on the totally ignorant PHONY SKEPTICS…. what are they ”skeptical” about? A: the climate… EVEN MIGRATORY BIRDS KNOW THAT THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT CLIMATES AND KEEP CHANGING WITH EVERY SEASON.


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