Katharine Hayhoe Texas Climate Fraud Update

Real Science

Two years ago, Canadian Texas Tech evangelical Katharine Hayhoe, claimed in the movie “Years Of Living Dangerously” that heatwaves in Texas were becoming much more common, and cherry-picked a start date of 40-50 years ago to begin her analysis.



Drought – Years Of Living Dangerously

The reason she picked a start date of 40 years ago, is because that was the coolest date in the Texas temperature record. This is spectacularly dishonest, as heatwaves have declined long-term in Texas and were much more common prior to 1960.


This deception is typical of Hayhoe climate fraud. She then claims that Texas droughts are getting worse due to “climate change” – when there is no evidence to back it up.


The long term trend for Texas is towards less drought, and they are currently the wettest place in the US – with huge amounts of rain forecast the next few weeks.


Climate at a…

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