Study: Increased atmospheric Carbon Dioxide has increased U.S. forest health in recent decades

Watts Up With That?

“Physiological and ecological factors influencing recent trends in United States forest health responses to climate change”



    • We review information on US forest health in response to climate change.• We found that trees are tolerant of rising temperatures and have responded to rising carbon dioxide.• No long-term trends in US drought have been found in the literature.• CO2 tends to inhibit forest pests and pathogens.• Projections of forest response to climate change are highly variable.

by Craig Loehle, Craig Idso, T. Bently Wigley (Forest Ecology and Management) (h/t to Poptech)

Abstract: The health of United States forests is of concern for biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, forest commercial values, and other reasons. Climate change, rising concentrations of CO2 and some pollutants could plausibly have affected forest health and growth rates over the past 150 years and may affect forests in the future. Multiple factors must be considered when assessing present and future forest…

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