The Hockey Stick’s Dirty Little Secret

Creating the fiction, all smoke and mirrors. Mann, what a mess!

Real Science

In the 1990 IPCC report, it was clear that Earth was cooling.



This was bad for business, so Michael “An Embarrassment To The Profession” Mann tried to make reality disappear in the 2001 IPCC report.


But if we have a closer look at the hockey stick, we can see Briffa (green) agreed with the 1990 IPCC report.  Temperatures dropped until 1600, and then started rising again. Nothing to do with CO2.



But it is worse than it seems. The IPCC then erased the post 1940 cooling portion of Briffa’s trees, hiding the decline.


The Deleted Portion of the Briffa Reconstruction « Climate Audit

The portion of Briffa’s trees that the IPCC erased, exactly matched the 1975 National Academy of Sciences Report.



Bottom line is the IPCC climate criminals threw out all of the good proxy, satellite, radiosonde and surface data – and replaced them with massively…

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