Sea Levels Have Risen By 8 Foot Since 1990 – BBC


By Paul Homewood

h/t Quaesoveritas

ScreenHunter_2964 Oct. 31 23.00

The BBC, who laughably claim to providetrusted World and UK news”, broadcast the BBC Parliament Channel. Last week they carried the House of Lords debate on climate change, featuring a load of superannuated old duffers reading from their Greenpeace scripts.

The BBC, being ever helpful, provided a ticker tape of all the relevant “facts”. Including the information that sea levels around the UK have been increasing by 10cm a year since the 1990’s. (About 3 mins in).

Now it may of course be that the reporter does not understand metric measurements, in which case he might like to know that, according to his figures, sea level has risen by 98 inches since 1990!

Even if he had intended millimeters though, 9.8 inches would still be many times to high.

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