DMI Show Greenland Was Warmer in 1930’s

The facts are in the data. Any Greenland melt that has occurred over the past decades has nothing to do with increased CO2 in the atmosphere and had everything to do with the AMO.

Also, temps are not up or even above the average running mean when compared to previous decades such as the 30s and 40s.


By Paul Homewood

A few weeks ago, I ran a post on temperature trends at Nuuk and Tasiilaq (Angmagssalik) in Greenland, which I gleaned from the GISS database. The conclusion was clear, that temperatures in recent years were no higher than the 1930’s and 40’s.

I have now managed to obtain the source data from DMI, who run the whole shebang. Their figures not only support my own study, but also extend it to the three other long running sites in Greenland, Upernavik, Narsarsuaq and Ilulissat.

DMI also provide this very handy graphic:


Let’s home in on the individual graphs. (The top two, Pituffik and Danmarkshaven only start in 1948 and 1949 respectively, so don’t show the 1930 & 40’s peak).






Annual Mean Temperatures

Apart from the anomalously high temperatures in 2010, it is self evident that since 2000 temperatures across the board have been at a similar…

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