What NOAA NCEI isn’t telling you in their 2014 State of the Climate Report released today

The devil is in the details folks!

Watts Up With That?

Yesterday I made mention of the fact that there would be a report today from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, now NCEI. Today, they have released their 2014 report, and unfortunately it appears they are telling porkies right out of the gate.

First, they claim in slide four:

“Four major independent datasets show 2014 was the warmest year since records began in 1880”.

While I’m not going to dispute what their data shows, I will tell you that the word “independent” is a flat out lie.


As many readers know, NOAA/NCDC (NCEI) is the SOLE SOURCE of data the global surface temperature dataset. They are the source for GHCN surface temperature record, and for the ERSST v4 sea surface temperature dataset. Both are highly adjusted, the adjustments are in one direction, a warmer trend, and both datasets are entirely under the control of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center

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