Climate Science Integrity In A Death Spiral

More n”ice” lies about the arctic…

Real Science

Check out this spectacular piece of work in the Sunday Times

ScreenHunter_3152 Sep. 28 10.31

THE Arctic ice cap has melted so much that open water is now just 350 miles from the North Pole, the shortest distance recorded, scientists say.

Arctic ice cap in ‘death spiral’ | The Sunday Times

Let’s look at the fraudulent science one piece at a time.

The amount of ice has increased by 60% since 2012, shown in green below. Scientists cherry picked one spot which lied along a boundary between high an low pressure system, where the winds blew persistently towards the pole all summer. Most of the Arctic saw a huge expansion in ice.

ScreenHunter_2359 Aug. 27 19.30

Next they quote Wadhams saying the Arctic will be ice free in 2015.

ScreenHunter_3153 Sep. 28 10.36

His credibility melted away quite suddenly in 2013.

ScreenHunter_3156 Sep. 28 10.46

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’

Then they claim that the ice used to be five metres thick

ScreenHunter_3154 Sep. 28 10.37

Unfortunately for…

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