Ontario Government creates another energy loser for Ontarians to pay for……………..BIOMASS!

What a mess! As if the Liberals haven’t done enough damage to our economy and added to the cost of living for every Ontario resident! What next?!

The Big Green Lie

As if 10,000 Wind Turbines wasn’t enough of a mistake and the closing of coal plants and the cancellation of new gas plants to just name a few, now our Energy Minister announces the new Biomass generator that has been converted from the tried and true Atikokan Coal Plant.

Think Biomass is Green and Lean?………………………like all things these days that are called green and will save the planet from fake Climate Change or Global Warming read the following and then don’t try and make any sense of it or you’ll get a head cramp………………..unless you’re a Green Investor and in that case you’ll be downright “giddy”!

Atikokan conversion converts ratepayer cash to emissions

What's a few trucks?
What’s a few trucks? And trees that don’t grow back for 40 years? It’s GREEN!

The September 10, 2014 press release from the Ontario didn’t quite put it the way this headline does, but if you look…

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