The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.

Mann, this is good!


I think Da Mann is having a bad week.

First off, all those greenies who were pushing him to the front and encouraging him to sue the ass off Mark Steyn and others for millions appear reluctant to support him the closer the hearing date gets. Not one amicus brief has been filed to help him out in his legal crusade to close down free speech about public figures. If you don’t happen to be familiar with it, an amicus brief is a statement by your peers in a libel or slander suit saying you’re held in high regard. Apparently not a single other climate scientist felt compelled to place their reputational pecker on the chopping block for him.

Though that might have been the cruellest chop avoided by some people, it was a cruel cut as far as Mickey was concerned, especially on top of the major news organisations…

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