A Double Shot Of Hiding The Decline At NASA

Real Science

Ignoring all the junk science behind the temperature reconstructions, let’s have a look at the hockey stick grafted blade. Note how it starts at 1880, right after Australia’s hottest years on record.


Here is the current pre-1966 portion of the graph – a nice hockey stick caused no doubt by Grover Cleveland’s horse flatulence in the 1880’s

ScreenHunter_2747 Sep. 13 11.42Fig.A.gif (656×446)

But it wasn’t always like that. NASA used to publish global surface temperatures back to 1866, which showed no net warming during the century from 1866 to 1966

ScreenHunter_2751 Sep. 13 11.59


Apparently Grover Cleveland’s horse wasn’t that bad after all. NASA simply hid the inconvenient pre-1880 data, because it wrecked the hockey stick.

But it is worse than it seems. NASA is not only hiding the pre-1880 warmth, but they are also tampering with the post-1880 data to increase the amount of post 1880 warming. The graph below shows how they have changed their own data over the past…

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