Met Office Claims Don’t Tell Whole Story

More lies and exaggerations about the weather relating to climate change. When will this crap stop? I know I’ve had about enough science fiction BS to last me a lifetime! Have a read…


Paul Homewood

h/t AC Osborn


The Express report:

Although last month was relatively cool, above average temperatures in the earlier months ensured January-August was the warmest since countrywide records began in 1910.

The heavy downpours which marred the school holidays last month helped set the rainfall record for the same period.

Details emerged with Britain’s mini-heatwave set to continue over the weekend when top temperatures are expected to hit nearly 72F (22C).

The highest temperature yesterday was about 75F (24C) in the South, well above the average maximum for September of 64F(18C).

And over the next few days most of Britain is likely to be dry though there may be some light showers in the north and east.

The records set over the first eight months of the year were seized on by some campaigners as proof of man-made climate change.

Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on…

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